Tinctoris’s treatise De inventione et usu musice and updated Biographical Outline published


Today we have published on the Tinctoris project website an initial version of the complete surviving portions of the treatise De inventione et usu musice, together with draft English translation. This is the first time that the incunabulum text from the early 1480s has been united with the additional extracts found in Cambrai MS A 16 into a single text, though a large part of the original, large-scale treatise unfortunately still remains lost. We will be returning to the translation early in the new year to polish this further.

We are continuing the task of identifying as many as possible of the sources of the numerous citations and literary allusions embedded in this treatise. These are identified with an asterisk * in the text, which can be clicked to open a pop-up window containing the relevant information. We hope that this will prove a useful feature, and as usual we welcome comments, corrections and additions to the information provided.

We have also added to the site an updated Biographical Outline for Tinctoris, based on Ron Woodley’s earlier entry for New Grove but with new material taking account of the most recent biographical research. A parallel essay on ‘Tinctoris as Theorist’, exploring the writer’s intellectual contribution to fifteenth-century musical thought, will follow in the first half of 2014.

Ron Woodley

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