Tinctoris’s treatise De punctis now available


We have just published on the Tinctoris project website the edited Latin text, English translation, and individual source transcriptions of Tinctoris’s treatise De punctis (Scriptum super punctis musicalibus), on the categories and usages of the different types of musical dot used in advanced mensural notation. Before long we will be adding a technical commentary to Tinctoris’s text, explicating the sometimes rather complex musical examples illustrating the author’s text. This commentary material will include transcriptions of the examples into common-practice notation, to aid understanding for those less familiar with the intricacies of Tinctoris’s original notation.

We have also started adding some guidance pages on the use of the site, available under the Help menu {‘Guide to the site’); also, at the top of the Texts menu, you will find new notes on the presentation of the texts, and on the treatise titles. Do let us know if you find any operations that don’t quite work as they should on your system, and we’ll do our best to iron out the problems.

Ron Woodley